If you have found the stationery design you love and you want to place an order, that’s fantastic and thank you for choosing Amity Invites to be a part of your special occasion.

• Before you order please see my PRICE LIST (shown above in black) to work out what your costs will be or you can contact me for a written email quote. You need to understand what you will be paying before you order so there are no surprises at the proofing stage.

• So if everything is within your budget and you would love to proceed with an order then go to ORDER FORM.

Fill out the appropriate order form - Wedding or Special Events making sure you fill in all the details/products you want to order. Make sure you don’t miss your contact details as these are required. I will get back to you within 3 working days via email with the final costs and an pdf proof of your designs/cards set up. (Please contact me if it is past this time as we may not have received your order; please do not have the form open for a long period of time as it can time out. Please contact me if you are having ordering problems.

Once you have received your proof, you are allowed one round of text changes/corrections. If you require more then extra costs will be charged - $25 per email proof for wedding/engagement and $10 for special event/corporate for the time to alter, proof page set up, pdf and email to you. So please make sure you work out all alterations first before emailing me. If major alterations or changes to the stationery design is required then additional costs will be incurred and this will be quoted when you contact me.

If you cancel a card or sticker order after it’s been set up (eg, deciding you no longer need the rsvp’s) then extra costs will be charged for the time for that particular set up (usually $10-$40). This is mentioned in F.A.Q.

  1. So if you have changes email them through and I will resend another proof for approval. Written email approval is required. Once approved full payment is due prior to print (via credit cards over the phone, bank transfer, cheque or cash). Once payment is cleared your order will be sent to the printers or if you are printing it yourself (Special event option only) then your print file will be emailed to you.

  1. Once approved and paid for, stationery takes under 6 working days for printing. All our cards are all professionally printed, while small labels and tags are printed in house. If there are delays then you will be contacted. Standard timeframe is approximately 1-2 weeks. For embellished stationery this will take a further 1 to 4 weeks depending on what is required. Embellishments are outsourced.
    For urgent orders - extra fees will be charged, please contact me prior for a quote.

  1. Pick up is available from my home office in Rowville Vic or delivered is Australia wide.

  1. With the PDF Printables, the card files are set up and you will be allowed one round of text changes.
    Once approved and paid for, the files will be provided to you as a pdf for you to print yourself or by a local printer.
    Just complete the online order form and state if it’s a Printable (Wedding - if it is the Half or Full Printable Set.). If you require a jpg only please let me know.
    NOTE: These are for private use only and not for commercial use or to be resold. All files are ©AMITY INVITES

How to Order

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